Types of Flexible Office Spaces in Singapore

There are several types of flex offices that you can rent or lease. All come with a flexible agreement that can accommodate any budget. There are office rental options with short commitment periods (3 months) and long-term options as well. No matter what size your business is, there is enough flexibility to grow or downsize whenever the need arises. 

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Small Private Offices to
Enterprise-Size Office Spaces

Private offices can also be considered a part of the “flexible workspace” category. Aside from long-term leases, there are options for short-term leases that make room for flexibility. (Also see: Flex Offices for Hybrid Work). 

Having a smaller private space can be incredibly useful for budding companies, where more desks may be needed in the future. Bigger enterprise-level office spaces are also available where you may opt to lease or rent an entire floor or more.

Hot Desks and Coworking Spaces

It’s not always necessary to rent out an an entire floor. For freelancers or small businesses, there are coworking spaces and hot desks that can be secured with short-term agreements. 

A coworking space can make broadening horizons easier and more natural. This type of flex space design encourages collaboration and networking. Imagine an open space with a casual atmosphere where likeminded professionals can meet each other.

Serviced Offices or Managed Offices

Serviced offices are fully-equipped with all the things that you may need to run a business (such as IT support, mail services, security and cleaning services). Lease contracts are often 1 to 3 years long. Every thing is managed by the lessor. All you have to do is to move in.

This type of flex office gives companies a little more room for customisation such as changing the interior design and adding the company’s own branding. Serviced or managed offices can be great for start-ups as well as established companies looking to grow further but, at the same time, continue to cultivate a great work culture.

Virtual Office Services

You may choose a virtual office where you and your team can work remotely anywhere in Singapore or globally. This option can save a lot of money especially for businesses that don’t really need a dedicated office in the beginning. There are plenty of office space providers in Singapore that offer virtual office solutions for freelancers or business owners.

A virtual office space solves the need for a business address, mailing service, and concierge for your clients. There’s also an option to add the use of a meeting room or private space when the need arises. 

Flex Spaces with Meeting Rooms

Most flexible office spaces offer dedicated spaces for group meetings and training sessions. Training rooms or meeting rooms can simply be a small private space with a table and a set of chairs for small groups. 

At enterprise-level office buildings, on the other hand, these meeting spaces can either have tables arranged like an auditorium with seats facing front, or like a board room with seats arranged in a U-shape. 

Shared Offices or Sublet Office Spaces

shared office is a great starter space for any business, while keeping upkeep and costs at a minimum. Shared offices are usually offered at cheaper, more flexible prices, and great for small to mid-size teams.

This type of office space setup is where another company sublets a sectioned-off part of their office space to another company or business. 

Take note that it may not be easy to find a shared office on your own, so it’s always best to ask the help of office space industry experts in Singapore.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms, Function Rooms, and Event Spaces

When you secure an access to a coworking space, it usually comes with the use of a function or conference room, and even an events space. Talk to our agent to find this type of office space deal for your business.

Interview Room

Flex Offices with Interview Rooms

Like conference rooms, you may secure an office space setup that comes with the use of interview rooms. These multipurpose spaces are smaller, cosier, and suitable for conducting interviews or small meetings. 

What type of office space are you looking for?

There are so many different ways to pick and choose what kind of office space you really need for your situation. Think of every factor on a sliding bar; levels of privacy, collaboration cost and efficiency are all flexible, and never fixed. By considering all your options, you give yourself the best chance of making an informed decision.

osDORO can help you find the best flexible office space deal for your business. Providing you with updated information on the best deals and locations, we make settling into your new workspace as fast, easy, and stress-free as possible. For enquiries, contact us today and we’ll gladly assist you.

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