Hot Desking in Singapore

hot desking in singapore

A hot desk is a type of flexible workspace that functions on a first come first seat basis. When a person comes in, he or she selects from whichever work station is available and occupies it for the day. Unlike all other workspaces where there’s some form of permanence, hot desks have none — this makes them the most flexible of all workspaces!

Hot desking” originated from the term “hot racking,” the practice of assigning more than one person to a rack or sleeping space and having several people occupying the same space on different shifts. The same principle applies to hot desks — your workspace today was someone else’s yesterday and will be someone else’s tomorrow. 

Hot desks aren’t limited to traditional desks either; with the flexibility of modern workspaces, hot desks can take any form of work station, be it your typical work desk, a booth with a desktop, or even a couch by the window. This offers a wider variety of work stations to choose from. If you need to charge your laptop, then you can choose to work on a desk with a socket. If you need more inspiration and like to lounge around as you work, a couch might be better suited for you that day.

Like serviced offices, hot desks also come with amenities and services. Depending on the package you avail, you can freely use the internet, print and scan documents, and even grab coffee or tea.

Where can you find hot desks in Singapore?

Most co-working spaces in Singapore have hotdesks. Here are some of the locations where you can find hotdesks in Central Singapore and nearby areas.

Who uses hot desks?

hot desking and coworking space rental
Hotdesks and coworking spaces are popular among freelancers for a reason.

Given the flexibility of hot desks, they appeal mostly to individual workers who don’t need to have a fixed workspace and who enjoy constantly changing their work setup.

With more and more people working remotely in the last decade and the growing popularity of freelancing, a lot of individual professionals, solopreneurs, remote workers, and traveling executives enjoy working in hot desks.

Why do people use hot desks?

Since the 1990s, flexible workspaces have revolutionised how people work. Moreover, with the rise of the gig economy and the ongoing pandemic, more people are joining the freelance market and more companies are hiring freelancers. As a matter of fact, 47% of hiring managers in 2020 are more likely to hire freelancers than permanent employees while 73% of them are continuing or increasing their work with freelancers

These mean that instead of flocking to huge offices, more and more individuals who have their own professions and practices are looking for single work stations that would best suit their needs. Among them, flexibility is one of the most desired qualities of work environments. As a matter of fact, workers are 12% more likely to be satisfied with their jobs if their work environments offer freedom and autonomy. A type of workspace which offers maximum flexibility is hot desking. 

Benefits of Hot Desking

Hot desks became popular because they’re affordable, low maintenance, and highly flexible. Though they are not for everyone, they do come with an array of benefits that make them the perfect option for a lot of individuals.


Among all flexible workspaces, hot desks are the most affordable option. Without customisation and the need for reservations, hot desks are easy for management to maintain and are affordable for clients to use. 

Promotes Creativity

While there are moments when you just have to settle down and get the work done, there are also moments when you need to refresh your mind and stimulate your creativity to produce new ideas. Hot desks provide an excellent opportunity to switch up your environments which can help with problem solving and creative work.

Encourages Collaboration

Hot desks are often part of an open office environment. These make them conducive to socialising and networking with people, which opens up opportunities for future collaborations.


Hot desks come with the most flexible payment terms. You can just walk into an office that offers them, pay, and start using them for the day. This means you can work in different offices every day should you wish. The ease of hot deskin makes it a great option not only for workers who enjoy spicing things up, but also for travelling and mobile workers who only need a workspace in that location for the day.


Because hot desks are in open offices, they help save a lot of commercial space by reducing the need for partitions. More importantly, they reduce space because the people who use them rotate. With no designated space for each person, what space you’re using today will be used by someone else later and vice versa. 

Increased Physical Activity

Given the open office environment, hot desking encourages people to move around more often either to interact with others or to change their scenery. 


Hot desking allows you to find a workspace that best suits your preferences. With some trial and error, you can more easily find the spot at a co-working space with the best ventilation and optimum lighting for whatever you’re working on.

Why choose osDORO?

Because hot desks are easy to maintain and don’t take up much space, there is an overwhelming number of them available in the market today. Especially in countries such as Singapore where business is always thriving, finding the right hot desk to suit your preferences can be difficult. Leave the work to osDORO! Tell us what you’re looking for in a hot desk and we’ll find you the right one! If you want to personally pick them, we have a dedicated concierge who is familiar with the area and can give you a tour!