Serviced Offices in Singapore

Serviced office space in Singapore
A serviced office in Singapore

As if finding an office space that doesn’t break your budget is not hard enough, you also have to worry about getting an internet connection, hiring an assistant to pick up the phone, and buying printers and coffee machines to make the place more conducive to working. 

This is a lot of work that takes a lot of time. To help solve this problem, commercial real estate has come up with flexible office spaces for rent without the downtime, without the hassle, and at a fraction of the cost of renting a corporate office. This gave rise to serviced offices that address all such concerns.

Where can you find serviced offices in Singapore?

Serviced offices are a popular form of flexible workplace option. Many people prefer it over having to acquire an office and hiring and paying for services and amenities separately. This makes serviced offices widely available in prime locations throughout Singapore.

What are the advantages of serviced offices?

Serviced office and Co-Working
Serviced office and Co-Working

With more and more people favouring flexible work environments, working professionals and businesses are choosing to work with offices that provide flexibility in terms of cost, duration, and customisation. To bring costs down and provide customisation, flexible office spaces offer services along with workspaces as part of their packages. This is a great way to minimise the number of expenses a business has to worry about since the costs will be shared by many parties. It’s also convenient because one no longer has to worry about outsourcing such services or even buying their own equipment.

Though the services available depend on the serviced office provider, one can expect similar services to always be available across all serviced offices. 

Internet access

Most, if not all, businesses today need an internet connection to operate. Whether you’re a business owner who runs an eCommerce store or a freelancer who needs to conduct research for the next article you’re writing, a reliable internet connection is an absolute necessity to a good office. 


Although most documents in the 21st century are digital, the need for printed copies will never go away. From printing contracts and important documents to printing photos and design plans, printers are a staple in any office and serviced offices usually offer these as part of their packages or at a pay-per-print basis.

Coffee, Tea, and Snacks

No office is complete without a free-flowing caffeine source. Serviced offices often have in-house menus, well-equipped pantries, or full-fledged kitchens to accommodate people’s need to refuel. After all, 67% of workers drink coffee on a typical workday (Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee). 


A staple of traditional offices is a reception desk that welcomes visitors. With so many businesses using serviced offices, there’s a great demand for a reception desk. These come with receptionists who welcome guests and answer phone calls for you. Having this can go a long way in helping businesses appear more professional.


Most people these days own a smartphone and have no use for a landline. However, many businesses still have a landline as it has an impact on your business accessibility and professionalism. Though not a necessity today, some businesses do prefer to have a landline option for their contact information. As such, there are serviced offices whose reception desks have a landline you can use for people to reach you more easily.

Meeting Rooms

While open spaces are great for normal workdays, there are moments when you just need to have your team in a small room and eliminate any distractions. For this reason, most serviced offices have rooms that you can use for meetings and confidential projects. Depending on your membership plan, you can use such rooms as much as you want in your serviced office.

Who needs serviced offices?

Serviced offices for bigger teams and startups
Who are serviced office for?

Serviced offices are convenient and cost-effective. This makes it an attractive option to many people, individuals and organisations alike. This pertains to freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs, as well as startups, small to medium enterprises, and in recent years, even larger organisations.

Why choose osDORO?

Serviced offices come in many forms. With different office types and varying services that come along with them, it can be overwhelming to browse through every offering available when searching for the right serviced office for your needs. OsDORO understands so we made the process of finding an office easy for you! Tell us what your requirements are in a serviced space and we’ll find the right one for you at the best deal possible. If you want to see the places for yourself, you can talk to our dedicated concierge so they can arrange a tour for you.

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