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Looking to rent meeting rooms and training rooms? Tell osDORO your requirements and let us help you find the best one! No more endless browsing and waiting on scheduled emails about meeting rooms and training rooms. We also have a dedicated concierge who knows the area well; tell us about your needs and we’ll arrange a tour for you. 

There’s ZERO extra cost for osDORO to search, negotiate, and secure an office space package based on your needs. We arrange the best deals and negotiate access to meeting rooms, event spaces, and conference rooms, providing up to 45% savings.

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380 Jalan Besar WeWork 209000 Singapore

With a network spanning across 20+ countries and consisting of over 5,000 locations, osDORO provides comprehensive enterprise office solutions, seamless search and direct bookings for workspaces, as well as office broker services granting access to coworking facilities.


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$600 SGD per month
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$490 SGD per month
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The Hive

Starting from
$343 SGD per month
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$600 SGD per month
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The Work Project

Starting from
$400 SGD per month
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The Executive Centre

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$400 SGD per month
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Centennial Business Suites

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$400 SGD per month
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$700 SGD per month
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$400 SGD per month
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$400 SGD per month
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Mox Offices

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$400 SGD per month
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Cross Coop

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$300 SGD per month
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Corporate Serviced Offices

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$425 SGD per month
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JSE Offices

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$408 SGD per month
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Why us

Why osDORO?

By choosing OSDORO, you gain access to an extensive network of premium coworking spaces, handpicked to meet your specific requirements. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of options, ensuring that you find the perfect workspace that aligns with your company’s culture and goals.

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Private Office Spaces Help Eliminate Distractions and Encourage Collaboration

Not everyone works best in an open environment where distractions can easily interrupt one’s work. Although collaborating with people is important, there are times when people need focus to get things done or they need privacy to discuss more sensitive matters.

Based on a survey conducted by Oxford Economics, employees rank the ability to focus and work without interruptions as the most important factor of a good work environment. A study conducted on workplace distractions found similar results; 52% of employees say they’re more productive when not working in a noisy environment and 38% of them say they prefer having designated workplaces for quiet and noisy work.

Looking at these numbers, it seems that while it is important to encourage collaboration and communication within a workplace, providing employees with an option to work in private is just as important. It is important to revisit the value of working in private offices


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of using a meeting room or training room?

    Good lighting

    When selecting a good training/ meeting room, it’s important to consider lighting and ventilation. Since people will be staying in these rooms for hours, it is important that they are well-lit, preferably with diffused lighting rather than direct lighting. If you have customisable lighting that can be tuned brighter or darker depending on the need, that’s even better. This is because bright and direct lighting can cause glares when reflecting on gadget screens and projected images. Instead, opt for diffused lighting from natural sunlight; put windows in training rooms and provide blinds or drapes. 


    Most meetings and trainings make use of gadgets either for note-taking or holding presentions. This means having accessible sockets or extension chords is a must. There should also be gadgets and equipment available for use. Such gadgets are scanners and printers, projectors and LCD screens, microphones and laser pointers.


    For optimum productivity, it’s important for training rooms and meeting rooms to have some level of noise cancellation to avoid distractions. 70% of workers cite office noise as top distractors in a work environment.

    Breakout spaces

    When conducting trainings and meetings, big groups often get divided into smaller groups for more thorough discussions. Thus, it is great to have an option to let people break into smaller groups in different rooms or with the use of partitions to avoid creating too much noise. 

    Storage facility

    When the same people will be using the training room or meeting room for several days or extended periods of time, it’s convenient for them to have storage areas where they can put equipment, materials, and personal belongings so they don’t have to keep carrying them around. 

    Saves space

    For companies who wish to save office space, it’s not practical to have an in-house training room or meeting room especially if it’s not going to be used very often. Instead, it’s more practical to rent them when the need arises.

    Cut costs

    Having a meeting room or training room that only sees the light of day every few months not only wastes space but also eats up your monthly rent. Renting them only for special occasions when you need the space is a great way to reduce costs. With the many available training rooms and meeting rooms available in the market, there’s bound to be one that suits your needs and fits into your budget.  

  • Should you lease or rent a meeting room or training room?​

    In any organisation or company, there will always be meetings held within teams, across teams, and even with people outside the company. Because of this, corporate offices typically have in-built meeting rooms and training rooms. 

    But given the growing popularity of flexible workspaces in recent years and the increasing need to maximise space, more companies are now renting interview rooms and meeting rooms outside to save space within the office. 

    Aside from companies, individual professionals and solopreneurs also rent meeting rooms and training rooms for holding important discussions with clients, consultants, and associates. Renting meeting rooms and training rooms is also a great option logistically when the parties who are meeting come from different locations and would like to meet halfway. 

  • How does osDORO work?

    Let us Know Your Requirements, and we'll provide you the latest available options.

    Schedule an Office Space Viewing. We'll arrange private office tours for you.

    We'll Arrange and Finalise Your Rental or Lease Agreement. After selecting your ideal office, we'll handle the paperwork and ensure a smooth move-in process.

    Contact our team today for assistance at every stage, from booking a tour to securing the best office deal.

  • Does osDORO charge a fee to book an office space?

    There's no extra cost or fee for osDORO to search, negotiate, and find you the perfect office.

    At osDORO, we offer our expert services at no cost to you. Our team will search and negotiate on your behalf to find the perfect office space, all while ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    With our market knowledge and negotiation skills, we secure the best deals tailored to your needs.

    We believe that finding your ideal office should be efficient and cost-effective, and osDORO is committed to making that a reality for you, with no hidden fees or expenses on your part.

Workspace options

osDORO x ClassPass

osDORO x ClassPass allow you to enroll in everything from bootcamps to virtual meditations through a simple click of your finger; you can even tailor it to fit around your work schedule and stream a class for real-time instruction whenever you want.

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Did not find what you’re looking for? Contact us today, and we’ll provide you the best office space options based on your needs.