Coworking office costs Singapore

What Are the Factors That Affect the Rental Costs?

Multiple factors have a significant impact on rental costs in Singapore.

  • Location: renting an office in the Central Business District (CBD) can cost you twice and even three times as much as other districts do. The most expensive places to set up a workplace are Marina Bay and Raffles Place. Nonetheless, Beach Road would make an ideal location with a more affordable price tag.
  • Available services: a shared office usually features equipment, facilities and workspace, cafés, and basic furniture to create a dynamic working environment. The more services are offered, the higher it costs.
  • Special office requirements: should you have any special requests added to your office lease contract, there would be adjustments to the rental fee.
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Typical Rates of Shared Offices in Singapore

Monthly rental fees per desk may vary significantly from $SGD300 to $SGD2500. The most expensive offices are likely to be located in the CBD, including Marina Bay and Raffles Place.

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Monthly rental costs vary depending on CBD vs Raffles Place

If you are looking for a luxurious office, you would have to spend about $1000 or more on the monthly rent. There are deals with a slightly lower price in the CBD. For example, you can go for a shared office in Tanjong Pagar with a monthly fee starting from $550.
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A man working with a laptop in a coworking office

You can get a working environment at the City Hall area equipped with the necessary facilities and services at a reasonable price of $800 per month.

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Do you need an office in the CBD or Tanjong Pagar?

Some places even offer you a rental fee as low as $350 in areas, such as Woodlands, Jurong East, and West Coast. However, these locations don’t have so many business operations as the CBD.

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