Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower

At the northernmost part of Nihonbashi, Chuo City, Tokyo, with a focus on the landscape of the district, the lighting plan incorporated “lanterns,” or glass boxes of multi colours, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower is a skyscraper that symbolizes urban rejuvenation. This 194-meter tall tower has 39 floors above ground and 4 basement floors. The concept of Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower is a premium office building that harmonizes traditional values and the spirit of innovation. Besides, it is only a 1-minute walk along an underground passageway from Mitsukoshimae subway station on the Ginza and Hanzomon lines of the Tokyo subway to get to the building. A few minutes walk from Shin-Nihonbashi Station on the JR Sobu Line or from Kanda Station on the JR Yamanote and Chuo lines are also some good alternatives that you can consider. But what makes it a hotspot for business is it provides an intelligent office space that possesses the most advanced technology to help with efficient operations. An earthquake early warning system has been set to ensure the safety and security of workers and visitors. Whether you are an office worker or a visitor, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower could meet all your needs with excellent facilities from hotels, stores, and ATMs useful in daily life to lunch and dinner spots. They have several upmarket restaurants and cafes where you can hang out with your friends or colleagues after work.
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Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower is a skyscraper, it is only a 1-minute walk along an underground passageway from Mitsukoshimae subway station

Toranomon Hills Mori Tower

Toranomon Hills Mori Tower is an outstanding high rise multi-use tower in Minato City, Tokyo. With 52 floors above ground and 247 meters in height comprising offices with top-level specifications, it is a magnificent complex that has reached the world-class level. The property sits within only a few steps from Toranomon Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Kamiyacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. It provides excellent access to the administrative district in Kasumigaseki and many other major business districts all around Tokyo, such as Marunouchi, Ginza and Hibiya. Plus, the Toranomon area has evolved rapidly into an international urban centre along with the development of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. Office floors from the 6th to the 35th provide a leasable area at an average size of approximate 3300 square meters, creating a flexible, fully furnished workspace with a ceiling height of 2.8 meters. Toranomon Hills Mori Tower has three types of high seismic capacities, and an emergency power generator—a measure that ensures business services can operate smoothly under any conditions. There are various wonderful restaurants in this office tower to choose from, and all are reasonable in terms of quality. Plus, the surrounding area is peaceful and well laid out, in case you need a quick getaway to boost your productivity.
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The property sits within only a few steps from Toranomon Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

Midtown Tower

In Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo, there is a splendid mixed-use skyscraper that attracts many entrepreneurs—Midtown Tower. Positioned right at the centre of the Tokyo Midtown development, which is a classy melange of business and pleasure in Tokyo, Midtown Tower is the highest of the six buildings within the complex. The building comprises office spaces, condominiums, and, the Ritz-Carlton hotel on the top floors. The platforms of the Hibiya Subway Line are only a couple of minutes walk away. As a mixed-use facility, Midtown Tower’s 54 floors utilized different purposes. There are conference rooms occupying the entire 4th floor. The 5th floor is the home of the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, a gallery and space for exhibitions, discussions, and collaborations by designers. On the 6th floor is the Tokyo Midtown Medical Center. This is the first Japan-based medical facility which collaborates with Johns Hopkins University. Although office space occupies most of the building, the top floors make up the very first-rate The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo hotel, one of Japan’s best hotels. Tourists who want to observe the view from the building can either stay overnight at the hotel or enjoy one of its high-end restaurants. A sophisticated building which will comfort you whenever you come, this is definitely the best place for your business to thrive.
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The platforms of the Hibiya Subway Line are only a couple of minutes walk away

Kasumigaseki Building

Since its completion in 1968, the 36-story Kasumigaseki Building in Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda, Tokyo has received public recognition as the first modern skyscraper for office use in Japan. The building was once the epitome of Japanese’s breakthrough in construction technology, as its design adopted latest technologies, construction methodologies, and urban planning considerations at the time. The ultra-high-speed elevator system, for example, was once the inspiration for many following building technologies in Japan and helped transform the business landscape in the country. Today, the building’s signature modernist structure is well-maintained with aluminium and steel, giving the facade the appeal of a classic office building. Some prominent tenants are the Asian Development Bank Institute, whose head office is on the 8th floor, whereas the Asian Development Bank’s Japan Office and PricewaterhouseCoopers share the 15th floor of the building. Commuting in the area is made easy as metro lines take only a few-minute walk from the building.

GranTokyo North Tower

Being part of the urban revitalisation of the area around Tokyo and Yurakucho railway stations and several other tenants, the GranTokyo North Tower is currently hosting the well-known Daimaru department store as well as the French-based multinational bank BNP Paribas and Daiwa Securities. The Daimaru occupies the first 14 floors and acts as the major visitor attraction. The high-end department store offers guests with diverse entertainment options, from sight-seeing to experiencing unique business models such as a Pokemon restaurant. You can also enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Tokyo from either coffee shops at window sides or complimentary seating at the corners. The seafood buffet at the directly-linked Tokyo station is highly recommended by the tower’s previous visitors as high-quality fresh food is served with a reasonable price tag. From the fifteenth floor, the 205-metre crystalline frame is specifically dedicated to office use. It also has a matching South Tower with a BMW showroom on the ground floor.

The Prudential Tower

The Prudential Tower is a mix-used skyscraper located in Nagatachō, Tokyo with floors distributed for residential, office and retail purposes. The residential area occupies 23 floors from 26th to 38th and contains giant windows providing an extensive view from across Tokyo to as far as Mount Fuji. Inside the apartment, amenities are fully equipped to guarantee the residence’s comfort, including convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and a fitness centre on the bottom floors. Floors 3-24 are for office leasing. Lying in the very heart of Japan, The Prudential Tower possesses the ideal location both for business and daily life and offers quick access to major destinations in Tokyo. The building is relatively close to the National Diet Building and many other central government institutions situated on the Sotobori-dōri trunk road, including the Prime Minister’s Official Residence. It can also be easily accessed from five subway lines through the Tokyo Metro stations Akasaka-mitsuke and Nagatachō.
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