The Great Room vs. JustCo

Hospitality or holistic work solutions? Each business is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all workspace provider that would satisfy everyone. Both The Great Room and JustCo are well-distinguished service providers in the flex space industries. Read on about their differences to determine which is a better fit for you and your business.

The Great Room vs Justco Office Services Singapore

The Great Room

  • Three Asian Markets

Since The Great Room was founded in 2016, it has built branches in Singapore, Hongkong, and Thailand. Their locations are in Grade-A office buildings in central business districts, offering accessible premium office addresses to their members. 

  • Luxurious Interiors

The Great Room uses the power of design to delight the senses, promotes casual collisions, and heightens productivity. Inspired by the unique ambiance of hotel lobbies which fosters important decision making, The Great Room integrates the casual-luxe feel of hotels into their ergonomic workspaces so that their coworking space is not just a place where work gets done, it’s also the place where relationships are built and where deals are struck.

Besides offering the usual office amenities, The Great Room also has a Breakfast Club and a turn-down cart which aims to cultivate friendships through well-timed morning brews or delectable snacks. 

  • Events

One of The Great Room’s most popular features is its events. In each of its three markets, Hongkong, Bangkok, and Singapore, it has an events calendar. Their events encourage conversations between members of different industries and perspectives. 

The Great Office Spaces Singapore


  • Asia-Pacific Market

With almost 10 years of experience, JustCo is one of the biggest names when it comes to coworking in the Asia Pacific region. They are located in Grade A office buildings in 9 major cities in 8 countries in the Asia Pacific. This allows them to build a large and thriving community of over 100,000 members, all of whom they encourage to network, collaborate, and connect for various business purposes. 

  • Modern Workplaces

All of JustCo’s 40 locations are beautifully designed by JustCo’s Enterprise360 team, an in-house group of workplace experts who offer a full suite of services from designing and building to operating an ever-relevant and modern workspace for clients. 

  • Digital Edge

To remain competitive in the flex space market, JustCo integrates technology into their coworking spaces. They have an in-house mobile application that allows members to access their workspace, connect with other members of the JustCo community wherever they are, and avail exclusive events and perks anytime. 

In the new normal, JustCo is using SixSense, an AI-powered tool that allows JustCo to analyse and optimise the use of their spaces. This tool revolutionises smart offices, redefining how tech and workspaces are integrated, and creating a safer space for their members in light of the pandemic.

JustCo Coworking Space Singapore

The Great Room vs. JustCo

  • Market and Network

What is the market of your business? The answer to this question will determine whether The Great Room or JustCo is a better fit for your business needs. If your business caters to a select clientele and they’re a bit on the high-profile site, then you may benefit from becoming a member of The Great Room and joining their network. They have a smaller population compared to JustCo, however, their community is more niched due to their hotel-like amenities, higher prices, and premium amenities.

Meanwhile, JustCo has more accessible pricing and it has more locations. Compared to The Great Room’s 3 locations, JustCo has locations in 9 major cities in 8 countries across Asia-Pacific. Not to mention, it has been in the market for approximately twice as long as The Great Room. These make their community much bigger and more diverse in terms of nationality and market.

  • Hotel-like Workspaces vs. Modern Offices

The Great Room’s workspaces are designed to look like hotel lobbies. Meanwhile, JustCo’s offices are designed for modernity using ergonomic furniture. This difference is not just for aesthetic reasons, it also influences your productivity. Some businesses and professionals thrive in a relaxing environment akin to that of a hotel lobby whereas others find themselves most productive in minimalist work environments. If you are the former, then The Great Room is a better choice; if you’re the latter, JustCo may be for you.

  • Events Calendar vs.Technology and A.I.

One of The Great Room’s distinguishing features is their events. They have a diverse events calendar in all three of their locations hosting a wide array of events from tea ceremonies to festival celebrations. These are innovative and fun ways to network, attracting members and non-members to attend their events.

Meanwhile, JustCo is less events inclined and more tech-centric. They recently launched SixSense, their AI-powered tool, which provides their members a new solution to the covid problem. This tool integrates technology into the workplace, making it possible to gather data from members’ use of the workplace so that contact tracing can be optimised and possible touchpoints and cross-contamination are minimised. 

In a time when networking poses a health hazard, it may be a smarter decision to choose the workspace provider who provides you with heightened measures to protect your members’ health. But if you love your hotel experience, The Great Room also goes to great lengths to protect their members. Ultimately, it’s for you to decide which workspace you prefer!

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