Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Business in Singapore

Choose a Location in Singapore

Location. Location. Location.

Where your business is located in Singapore is important depending on whether you are after ‘exposure’ or a ‘destination’. If your product or service relies on impulse purchases, a higher traffic area in an easy-to-access location is beneficial. However, if your product or service is unique that customers will come to you, location is not as important.

Follow our guide below on How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Business in Singapore.

How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Business in Singapore

Compare Office Space Providers

Once you’ve narrowed down the locations that are more suitable for your type of business, you’re now ready to check out which providers in the area can offer the best deal.

JustCo$600 SGD Get Quote
WeWork$490 SGD Get Quote
Distrii$343 SGD Get Quote
The Hive$600 SGD Get Quote
The Work Project$400 SGD Get Quote
The Executive Centre$400 SGD Get Quote
Centennial Business Suites$400 SGD Get Quote
Servcorp$700 SGD Get Quote
Erun$400 SGD Get Quote
O2WORK$400 SGD Get Quote
Mox Offices$550 SGD Get Quote
Cross Coop$300 SGD Get Quote
Corporate Serviced Offices$425 SGD Get Quote
JSE Offices$408 SGD Get Quote

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