About The City Hall Spaces at 410 North Bridge Road

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Authentic inspiration is a difficult concept to describe in words, and sometimes can only be felt by your own experience. At The City Hall Spaces, real elegance and creation are moments of working in comfortable and unique spaces that increase your performance, and all the meetings will be the start of potential development cooperation. 

All interiors are arranged in a moderate area, not too wide. City Hall Spaces still glorifies elegance with an exquisite design that embraces the warmth and comfort in colours, textures, and layout. Situated along North Bridge Road, a bustle and hustle avenue hidden under skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and other shopping centres, City Hall Space is an ideal piece to perfect the high-building view. 

Esplanade MRT and City Hall are just a few minutes’ walks to get here, which allows you freely to choose travelling transportation. There is also Bugis Junction nearby, which offers a wide range of delicious food and fitness centres. Therefore, you can keep your work-life balance with more ease.

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