Internship Test – 2021 January Start (Paid)

Digital Marketing Test


Duration: 10 minutes (Writing Articulation test)

On the osDORO website, find 5 coworking location articles and summarise in 250 words (not each), the trends which will affect the commercial property market the most in 2021.

Duration: 10 minutes (Scenario Test)

Imagine you are the owner of a $100m commercial property company, you are the founder and CEO of this company. You come and visit the website, what are the three things you expect to see to make your life easier?

Duration: 10 minutes (Basic IT/SEO/Marketing Test)

On the osDORO website, if you type “Coworking Space Singapore” on Google. What are some of the strategies you would use to rank this page on page 1?

Do you find our current title tags and meta descriptions acceptable? If not, how would you improve it?

Suggestion: Google “Coworking Space Singapore” (Check Page 6,7,8) and try find osDORO


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