Average Hot Desking Prices in Singapore

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Entrepreneurs are transforming Singapore into a startup hotspot, with more and more new businesses springing up to meet a growing demand for talent and ideas, as well as to create the Next Big Thing.

However, renting an entire office requires capital that most young founders do not have. As a result, coworking spaces have sprouted up all over Singapore.

Simultaneously, the number of freelancers and remote workers in Singapore is increasing. And it appears that Starbucks can no longer accommodate all of them, along with their Macbooks.

Coworking spaces serve as workspaces for both startups and freelancers who simply need a place to plug in their laptops, connect to WiFi, and mingle with other members of the community.

Hot desking entails using any open seating wherever you have a coworking space hot desk membership and taking advantage of all the amenities available.

In other words, you’ll be able to walk into a coworking space at any time, choose an open desk, and do your work while using the printers, wellness rooms, shared kitchen, and other amenities.

Hot desking in Singapore is the way of the future. It is a far superior alternative to working from home or in cafes and libraries, and it is significantly less expensive than leasing, furnishing, and supplying an office space on your own.

Average Cost of Hot Desking in Singapore

hot desking in singapore
Hot desking in Singapore

In Singapore, hot desks typically cost between $200 and $500 per month for unlimited access. The price range is heavily influenced by location. Private office prices are determined by the number of pax that can be accommodated, but the larger the office, the lower the per pax cost.

Hot desks can be an excellent option for startups and businesses that do not have the funds to rent a large office space but still want to provide their employees with a conducive working environment that allows them to focus.

As the employer, you pay for a set amount of time for your employees to have their own workstation. If your employers are not present, other customers will use those workstations.

Although hot desks do not provide the same level of privacy as having your own desk, they are one way for employers to save money when renting multiple workstations in a coworking space.

Cost of Hot Desking in Different Locations in Singapore

JustCo Marina One West Tower - Singapore Coworking Space & Hot Desking Office | JustCo
Average cost of hot desking

Hot Desking Pricing in Singapore

JustCoStarting from
$398 SGD
per month
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The HiveStarting from
$250 SGD
per month
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The Work ProjectStarting from
$295 SGD
per month
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WeWorkStarting from
$350 SGD
per month
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DistriiStarting from
$550 SGD
per month
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ServcorpStarting from
$350 SGD
per month
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Cheapest hot desking


In general, the further you are from the CBD, the cheaper the coworking space. The Workshop in Ang Mo Kio and Cospace Park in Kent Ridge are the cheapest ones we found, with hot desks for $250 or less. However, if you don’t mind not being confined to one location, Workbuddy is a great option at a lower cost.

Cheapest hot desking in CBD area


A hot desk in a central location will cost you at least $400 per month. Working Capitol in Outram Park and JustCo have slightly lower rates, but they are more hipster/social in nature, which may not be suitable for everyone.



  • Spacelabs by Spaceship in Ang Mo Kio – $200
  • The Workshop in Ang Mo Kio – $22
  • DOTT in Woodlands – $180



  • CoQoons in Harbourfront – $380
  • Ezco in Boat Quay – $358
  • Wework in Beach Centre – $550



  • Spacelabs by Spaceship in Eunos – $200
  • Mox in Joo Chiat – $300
  • The Common Ground in Arumugam Road – $390



  • Justco in Westgate – $398
  • Regus in Jurong East – $400
  • Pure House in Holland Village – $400



  • The Hive in Carpenter Street – $450
  • Trehaus in City Hall – $580
  • Found8 in Prinsep – $345

Who Benefits From Hot Desking in Singapore?

The Hive Office Spaces Singapore
Freelancers and remote workers in hot desks

If you fall into one of the following categories, a hot desk maybe for you:

  • Freelancers – If you are self-employed and can do the majority of your work remotely, you may benefit from having a  hot desk instead of doing everything from home or in public places.
  • Remote workers – You may be a salaried employee, but if your boss allows you to work remotely the majority of the time and you do not need to physically show up at the office, you should think about working at a hot desk. If your employer is based in another country, you may be able to persuade them to pay or at least subsidise your hot desking fees.
  • Start-up founders – Working to get a new project off the ground and want to keep costs low at the start? Renting a hot desk is cheaper than renting office space if you’re working solo or with just a few others.
  • Small companies who don’t want a permanent space – If you are a small startup and don’t want to take on the cost or commitment of renting office space, a hot desk can be an alternative. They can be particularly cost-effective for small teams who do not need to meet in person every day and therefore don’t need a permanent space.
  • Digital nomads  – If you need to work while traveling, it may be more convenient to use a hot desk rather than try to get work done at your lodging. Many hot desking provide day or week passess
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