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Property Managers and Flexible Office Spaces

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Coworking Spaces for Freelancers

Freelancer is a term used for professionals who are not bounded by a particular employer long-term. Sometimes freelancers can work in a ... Read More

Offices for corporations post-COVID

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Things to Think About When Your Office Lease is About to Expire

Post COVID-19 Commercial agreements Lease expiry conditions for an existing commercial rent agreement will be similar for entrepreneu... Read More

5 Reasons to get ready for coworking spaces

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Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms provide an essential opportunity for focused, quiet interactions for staff collaboration or confidential discussions regar... Read More

Singapore Office Rental Regions

Looking for a dedicated office, coworking or shared office space? The Core Central Region (CCR) is the home to the renowned districts 9,... Read More

10 things you need to know before booking an office tour

Estimate our space requirements It is essential to provide your workspace provider with specific space requirements. You can start ca... Read More

Workplace Flexibility In Singapore

Want to do away with the typical nine to fiver with longer working hours in an office cubicle? Here are some suggestions to achieve work... Read More

Work-Life Balance through Coworking

Before the coworking space appeared, most startup cofounders had difficulty in managing work-life balance. While building a startup prod... Read More

Find your ideal coworking space

The demand for coworking space service has dramatically increased to over 200% within the past five years. Coworking space is now claimi... Read More

Community Building inside a coworking office

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How Flexible Offices Can Help Startups

The flexible office has changed the way conventional companies in Singapore run their businesses. Many people have called Singapore the ... Read More

Singapore’s popular coworking spaces

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Foreign Entrepreneur in Singapore and Office Leasing

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Coworking Space Myths Busted

How do you decide where to move? For most people and organisations, from young startups to large multinational corporations – choosin... Read More

8 Benefits moving into a coworking office

Is finding a reason to move into a coworking location difficult? One of the advantages of shared office spaces is establishing a product... Read More

Productivity and coworking offices

Coworking is becoming more popular, and the reason for this is the awareness of more and more people having entire offices or teams in t... Read More

The Growth of Coworking Spaces in Singapore

Overview of Coworking space in Southeast Asia A new working space, also known as shared office space or coworking space, is booming i... Read More

Flexible Office Spaces in Singapore – All You Need to Know

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What Attracts Young Entrepreneurs to Coworking Spaces?

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Why Real Estate Investors Are Focusing on Flexible Workspaces

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Singapore Central Region

As far as flexible workspaces go in Singapore, options seem unlimited. The central region of Singapore has a condensed collection of sev... Read More

Coworking offices and Singapore

One of the most talked-about workspace arrangements is the coworking office design. Prominent in Singapore, especially throughout the CB... Read More

Flexible office for your team – 8 tips

Remote work from anywhere in the world is becoming standard practice. Many online startups initially build business processes for remote... Read More

8 Benefits of Leasing a Serviced Office Space

Serviced virtual offices are excellent options for businesses.  #1-Instant space with flexible conditions  Business owners do not ... Read More

Top Office Lease Locations Singapore

Singapore stands out when it comes to business. There are 50,000 new enterprises formed in this country per year, including small sole p... Read More


Region, central Singapore. Nearby restaurants include Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, Boufe Boutique Cafe and Waterfall Ristorante. The B... Read More

Different types of Flexible Offices 101

For over 17 years between 2003 and 2020 (now this is starting to show my age), I’ve led multiple startups in Asia, US and Australia lead... Read More

Five ideal meeting minute templates

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7 Co-working Space Benefits

Business productivity depends on increasing the skill of existing employees and finding ways through knowledge sharing, collaboration an... Read More

Shortlist of Co-working Spaces in Singapore

Having a chance to work alongside others who share the same passion, goals, and value as you do brings you a lot of incredible advantage... Read More

Why Singapore is the flexible workspace culture for South-East Asia?

No.1 Economy in South East Asia Within Singapore, there are over 7,000 or so multinational companies – at a global level, the locatio... Read More